Can paintings be valued by photo or email image?

No. Valuations can only be conducted by examination of the artwork.

Can antique picture frames with missing parts be restored?

Badly damaged antique picture frames with missing parts can usually be fully restored.

What Processes are involved in cleaning a painting?

Usually this involves removing a film of dirt /smoke/nicotine or all three. Removing original varnish and revarnishing. This process does not interfere with the original paint layer.

What does restoring a painting mean?

This involves repairing the damaged canvas/board and inpainting to match existing colour and texture.

What does 'lining' mean?

This is carried out when a canvas is extensively torn or holed. The canvas is laid on a new canvas and bonded with a traditional beeswax and resin compound which has been used for this purpose for centuries. It is particularly safe as, unlike modern glue processes, it is completely reversible over years to come.

What does strip-lining mean?

This is a process where the canvas, which has rotted along the stretcher bars, is replaced because the body of the canvas has suffered no damage.

Can all paintings be cleaned?

Generally speaking they can. However, in some cases, and for various reasons, a painting will not clean or has been so badly damaged that it would not be viable to proceed.

How do I know if my painting will clean and how much will it cost?

A quick examination and test will tell us whether or not it will clean successfully.

How much will it cost?

Unfortunately, every painting is different and cost can only be determined after examination. For example, your painting might have a value of £15,000 and to undertake the required work would cost £500: this would be well worth doing. On the other hand, the painting might only have a value of £50 but the restoration work might still be as extensive. You would have to take the decision whether or not to proceed.

How long does it take?

This is determined by the extent of work required to the painting. Normally, the more paint to be replaced, the longer it takes. We try not to hold work for longer than 12 weeks.

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